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1202NRS Health Law and Ethics: An Identification and Discussion of legal and ethics issues in Adam and Hetty Case


In your role as a registered nurse, you will face complex and challenging situations. As a matter of fact, at times one can apply legal solutions to these situations. Consequently, it is important that you are aware of what this might be so that you can confidently practice within these legal boundaries. Almost always there will be differing ethical positions that need to be considered. The purpose of this case study is to enable you to practice identifying a legal issue and possible outcomes and consider why an ethical conflict arises.

This assignment addresses the following course learning outcome/s:

To start, describe the sources of law in Australia and Singapore that apply to healthcare practice. Then, identify legal and ethical terminology as applied to health professional practice. In addition, you need to identify and discuss relevant legal and ethical principles that apply in healthcare.Also, analyse the tensions that may exist between legal and ethical principles in everyday nursing practice. Select and discuss appropriate legal and ethical principles that apply to a range of healthcare case studies.

1202NRS Health Law and Ethics: Instruction

Write a 1500 word essay. The paper has to identify and discuss the legal and ethical issues presented in the case study that follows. Moreover, address the questions posed at the end of the case study. Submit your essay with appropriate grammar, spelling,
sentences, paragraphs and references. Finally, the structure should be as follows (‘APA Level 2’ headings):
Legal Issues
Ethical Issues
Formatting the Case Study: Please refer to the Health Group Writing & Referencing Guide that describes how your case study is to be formatted.

1202NRS Assignment :Case Study Scenario

Adam and Hetty who are now both in their early 80’s have two adult children: Sue and Bryan. Both have families of their own. Bryan lives in the United States of
America, while Sue lives close by and visits her parents most days. Read More

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