This paper is on the factors influencing Health care resource allocation. It also provides an overview of the major health care financing sources. Other areas of interest include Community-oriented practice and Evidence-based practice. 

Health care resource allocation-factors influencing

Using the headings and statement prompts below, prepare a paper using the following guidelines:

This paper should be 5-7 pages, APA standards (double spaced, 12pt font, 1″ margins); 8-10 resources 3 of which must be peer-reviewed nursing studies.  The remaining resources must be academic in nature (meaning no Wikipedia-type resources).

·         Healthcare Resources

o    Identify the factors influencing health care resource allocation.

o    Provide an overview of the major health care financing sources.

·         Community-oriented Practice

o    So,dentify the major goals of community-oriented practice.

o    Provide an overview of the community-focused nursing process.

·         Evidence-based Practice

o    Define evidence-based practice and discuss its role in public health nursing.

o    Provide an overview of the implementation process.

Health care resource allocation-factors influencing       

 Firstly,case Management

o    Define case management and describe the role and responsibilities of the case manager.

o    Identify the major legal and ethical issues that arise in case management.

Secondly,disaster Preparedness

o    Identify the Healthy People 2020 goals related to disaster preparedness and response.

o    Identify the roles of the nurse in the preparedness, response, and recovery stages of a disaster/disaster management.

·         Thirdly,sease Surveillance

o    Define disease surveillance and describe its use and purpose.

o    Identify state notifiable diseases.

·         Fourthly,quality Standards

   Therefore, identify the key organizations who establish nursing quality standards.

 Besides,define quality and identify the key goals associated with health care quality.

  Lastly,describe the major approaches to quality improvement.

Health care resource allocation-factors influencing

·         Fifthly,ulnerability

o    Define vulnerability.

o    Describe the factors impacting vulnerability.

·         ,Sixth, public Health Agencies

o    So,describe the functions of the local, state, and federal public health agencies.

o    Also,rovide an overview of the history and trends of public health nursing.

Detailed Instructions

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