Health Care Marketing Navigate 2 Scenario: Patient Engagement 

 1 Patient Engagement Introduction: The Marketing Director for Bright Road Healthcare is looking for ways to improve their Personal Health Record. A Personal Health Record not only engages patients in their own wellness; it’s a method of retaining loyal patients. In this scenario, you will play the role of a marketing consultant who meets with Bright Road staff members to gather information about their patient demographics, and then analyze the functionality and utility of the Health Care Systems’ Personal Health Record, a resource provided to their patients. Using this information, you will make a recommendation on how to improve the functionality and utility of the Personal Health Record. At the end of the scenario, you will meet with the Marketing Director to present recommendations.

 Characters: 1. Branson Lowe, mentor and student’s friend 

2. Amit Patel, Director of Marketing 

3. Joan Fairbanks, physician (on speaker phone).

 Locations: 1. Student’s Office 

2. Marketing Director’s Office (Amit Patel)