This assignment explores how Harriet Jacobs Incidents defines freedom and slavery. So, what are the central metaphors and images that she uses to characterize them?

How Harriet Jacobs Incidents define freedom and slavery

One of these 2 topics: 1. How does Harriet Jacobs Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl define slavery and freedom. What are the central metaphors and images that she uses to characterize them? How is Jacobs’s definition of freedom similar to or different from that of Solomon Northup in 12 Years A Slave? 2. Both William Apess and James Fenimore Cooper looked to the Colonial past in order to understand and critique the current state of Native White relations in the Early American Republic. 

Drawing on the work of William Apess as well as Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans how do Cooper and Apess employ the historical conflicts between Native Americans and Europeans to advocate for the civil rights of Indigenous peoples? Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details COMPARITIVE ANALYSIS: PAPER SHOULD BRING ORIGINAL LIGHT ON AND COMPARE/CONTRAST 2 TEXTS. MUST FOCUS ON AUTHOR’S PURPOSE.

How Harriet Jacobs Incidents define freedom and slavery

“The thesis for your paper will be your answer to the prompt that you select. Your essay must make an argument about the issue or approach raised by your question. What is the author saying about race, spirituality, gender, or American Cultural Identity? Also, your essay must incorporate significant textual evidence and detail to support your argument. Besides, the paper should be 4 pages long not including a works cited page. So, In text citations and the Bibliographic information for each text must be cited in proper MLA form.” RUBRIC Thesis (50pts): Demonstrates clear purpose, complexity and originality; presents an original argument and response to the selected prompt and or inquiry questions Close Reading (25pts): Presents an analysis of specific elements of the text being analyzed. Also, the student has cited specific textual examples; The close reading ties each observation/inference about the text back to the student’s thesis. 

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