The assignment focuses on Growth patterns in malnourished children. Also, there is an analysis of Diversity of cultures. So,  describe Dettwyler’s  study design and methods used for her research.

Growth patterns in malnourished children – Diversity of cultures analysis

This review should be 8-10 double-spaced typed pages using no larger than 12 point font.  When you are discussing an event, etc., cite the page number(s) in parentheses where the information can found in the book.  For example (234).  If you do not cite page numbers for information 10 points will deducted from your grade.  Also be sure to paraphrase in other words, write in your own words, not directly from the book.
I. Introduction. Firstly, the first section of your review should be an introduction on what you plan to discuss. Secondly, the introduction should be about a page in length. Body of the Paper. Also, address the following questions: Firstly, briefly describe Dettwyler’s  study design and methods used for her research (ie. how did Dettwyler conduct her research). What was she trying to understand about growth patterns in malnourished children?  What was her theory?  Also, where did she do her research and describe the area.  Secondly, what is culture shock?  Secondly, provide two examples from the book.  How do anthropologists handle the differences in cultures? Thirdly, how are children named in Mali and how were names a problem for Dettwyler’s research?  What did Dettwyler do to solve the problem with children’s names? Fourthly, what ethnic groups live in Mali?

 Growth patterns in malnourished children – Diversity of cultures analysis

 Briefly describe the diversity of cultures in a paragraph for each. Fifthly, describe Magnambougou where Dettwyler  did much of her research.  Describe Bambara culture.  How important was it for Dettwyler to know the Bambara language?  What are the major diseases affecting young children in Magnambougou?  Discuss one way these diseases could eliminated. Sixthly, discuss female circumcision.  What is the local explanation for practicing the ritual.  How, why, when etc. is it done? Seventhly, what is schistosoma? What causes it?  How was the presence of this disease explained by the Bozo tribe of northern Mali?
8.  What is Kwashiorkor?  Where is it likely to found and what causes it?  How is it treated and what are the difficulties with treating it?  What is the story behind “Kafoune”?

Detailed Instructions


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