The assignment talks about Granulation extrusion spheronization’ process-Design of Experiments. Therefore,design of Experiments (DoE): Screening the input factors in a ‘granulation-extrusion-spheronization’ process.

Granulation extrusion spheronization’ process-Design of Experiments

Design of Experiments (DoE): Screening the input factors in a ‘granulation-extrusion-spheronization’ process.You  are formulation researcher in a pharmaceutical company. The company  developing a new multi-articulate dosage form.They need  you to screen some of the input factors to assess their potential effects on the % yield of pellets. You need  to by your line manager to perform the screening activity using a pre-defined dry powder mixture. Containing the drug and excipients. You don’t need to know the composition of this mixture;  fixe and cannot varied). You are instructed to prepare a liquid binder hence use in the granulation step. The liquid binder  to be a simple aqueous sucrose solution (i.e. sucrose dissolve in water).

Design of Experiments 

Firstly,  Based on your watching of the video, and your instruction to focus only on Steps 2, 3 and 4 of the process. Additionally, list below five input factors (variables) that could potentially impact the yield .A quality of pellets produce using the machine.  [10 marks total; 2 marks per factor; 2 marks awarded for an obvious input factor; 1 mark awarded for an obscure input factor; 0 marks awarded for a factor that is irrelevant or wrong.]The input factors chosen includes:Firstly, the amount of water added in granulation step, Secondly, The % of sucrose added in granulation step.Thirdly thrGranulation time,   The spheronizer speed and lastly the spheronizer time.Extrusion-spheronization seems to be the most promising process for the optimum delivery of many potent drugs having high systemic toxicity

Also,having determined the five input factors that you wish to screen, your next step defines the experimental domain for the DoE. Additionally,be  complete the table below, replacing all of the red text with your own text. In the ‘Unit’ column, you should insert appropriate units for each input factor. 

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