The assignment discusses Government Strategic Plan. There is also an analysis of Industry Report. So, recommend technical directions for security purposes .

Government Strategic Plan – Industry Analysis Report

Paper details:

Firstly, select an industry (healthcare, finance, hospitality, government) and research the competitive forces. Also, find out the current technology trends, and future technology outlook. (I’d pick government, but I’d also be okay if other option is better/easier to write.) In the form of an analyst report (

Government Strategic Plan – Industry Analysis Report

Also, write a summative report to an executive committee evaluating the use of technology in preparing a strategic plan. Additionally, based on the research, recommend technical directions for security purposes . Additionally, please provide evidence to support your position and a set of recommendations. Incorporate learnings about cybersecurity, network infrastructure, and reference NIST ( ) as one of the resources. Please make sure to include the introduction and the conclusion. Please use infographics (from the internet with citation) in the paper as needed.

Government Strategic Plan – Industry Analysis Report

Building a city strategic plan sometimes seems daunting at first. But it needn’t be. It’s simply a process you can use to help balance the demands of all the constituencies in the community with the realities of a constrained amount of time and money. Yes, there are many things we want to do to grow and thrive as a community, but what do we need to do and when? That is the essence of strategic planning in local government.

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