The assignment concentrates on Google Search and Destroy. Additionally, there is a description of the Rise of the Machines

Google Search and Destroy – Rise of the Machines

Description Before starting essay writing, you will write a short summary of each of these four sources: “Google Search and Destroy: Rise of the Machines” “Homo sapiens RIP (or Why One of the Leading Gurus of the Technological Age Believes That the Future Doesn’t Need Us)” “Automated Vehicles and Urban Mobility” “Artificial Morality. Concepts, Issues and Challenges” Each summary should be at least five sentences long but no more than ten. The first sentence should contain the author’s name and the title of the essay.

Google Search and Destroy – Rise of the Machines

Something strange has happened to our way of thinking – and as a result, even stranger things happening to the world. We have come to believe that everything is computable and can be resolved by the application of new technologies. But these technologies are not neutral facilitators: they embody our politics and biases, they extend beyond the boundaries of nations and legal jurisdictions and increasingly exceed the understanding of even their creators. As a result, we understand less and less about the world as these powerful technologies assume more control over our everyday lives.

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