This assignment focuses on Google Glass case study. On the other hand, it examines the  key concepts, theories and terms to Google Glass example.

Google Glass case study- key concepts, theories and terms

Your Case Example Learning Report is based on the Google Glass case study discussed in Weekend One.  The learning objective for this assessment is meant to help students internalise and apply key learnings from Weekend 1’s Required Readings and class content. (See Module 1 & 2 in Learning Resources in Blackboard course site).  To achieve high marks for this assessment, students should note the Criteria and Marking rubric (below).  And also, strive to critically discuss and apply key concepts from Weekend 1 with reference to the readings and class content.

Your report can follow the sub-headings below as you critically examine key concepts, theories, and terms to Google Glass case example.  (Hint: The more you integrate readings, class content, and terminology into your critical discussion of Google Glass, the higher your marks! However, don’t just simply “term drop” or “name drop”.  So, – critically discuss the how and the why)

Google Glass case study- key concepts, theories and terms

 Part 1: Where do Ideas Come from? (1000 words)

In Weekend 1, we discussed different approaches to the way entrepreneurs act in identifying and pursuing innovation ideas.  In this section, students should critically discuss discovery vs. creation approaches, and related causal vs. effectual logic. And the “Entrepreneurial Method” (Saravathy) from the Required Readings. Also,  critically examine how these concepts apply (or not) to the Google Glass case example.  The role of path dependencies and the resource-based view of the firm is also discussed in how the firm creates and sustains competitive advantage. 

Detailed Instructions


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