This is an individual assessment task. Students are required to apply knowledge and

theories learned to analyse and evaluate real-life challenges/problems. After they’ve

completed their investigation, they provide potential solutions that are grounded with

solid research.

Students are required to submit a report, including all the supporting analysis and

materials. The report should be no longer than 1500 words. Citation and referencing

should be provided where necessary.

This assessment will measure your ability to:

• Analyse factors affecting exchange rate (10 marks)

• Evaluate foreign exchange exposure (10 marks)

• Manage foreign exchange exposure (10 marks)

• Evaluate risk management outcomes (10 marks)

Topic 1 Globalization, Multinational Firm and the International Monetary System

Topic 2 Balance of Payment

Topic 3 The mechanisms of Foreign Exchange

Topic 4 International Parity Relationships and Forecasting Exchange Rates

Topic 5 Foreign exchange futures and options

Topic 6 Foreign exchange exposure and management

Topic 7 International Portfolio Investment

Topic 8 Foreign Direct Investment and Cross-Border Acquisitions

Topic 9 International Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting