Global health inequalities are a direct result of uneven international power dynamics.’ Discuss using a country study of your choice and drawing on relevant theories explaining global health outcomes.

This assessment consolidates the first five weeks of your learning in this module, in the course of which you have learnt about theories to explain drivers and impactors of international development, the role of global health governance, different health systems and the impact of international conflicts on health. Your answer therefore should draw on a range of these topics, but you are not expected to include all of them. Which ones are most suitable to help you answer the question will depend on the country you have chosen and the health outcomes you wish to reflect on.

To answer the essay question, you are asked to focus on a country study of your choice that will support your main arguments – however, you may find it useful to draw in your critical reflection on other countries to compare and evaluate critically how international relations or local politics have influenced health outcomes in different settings and under which conditions.

Your answer should follow an essay structure:

· Introduction (10%)

· Context and theory (20%)

o Outlines the country study and any theories you will draw on

· Discussion (60%)

o Explains the global health concerns practically in the country of your choice in light of the theories

· Conclusion (10%)

Further guidance:

The theories you use to explore the essay question will need to be selected carefully. Please note that which theories are most suitable for your argument will depend on the country study you have chosen and the evidence that is available for the country. You should not attempt to cover all of them, and you should be very focused in your choice, being guided by your main argument. Remember that the essay should not be a description of existing theories, but a critical examination of the power dynamics between countries and the extent to which they shape health outcomes.

Please note that you can also draw on examples from other countries to illustrate the arguments you present and provide context or comparison. However, your main argument should remain focused on the main country study.

This assessment requires you to write a 3000-word essay. Please ensure you:

answer the assessment title and not make up your own
write in an essay format
are familiar with the marking criteria
observe the word count and word limit requirements
use Harvard referencing or APA (6th)
use a word processor
use Arial font, size 12 with 1.5 line spacing and page numbers