What are the implications of creating a universal concept of

childhood on the day to day lives of children around the globe?


The universal concept of childhood relates to the attempt of the

UNCRC to create a universal discourse of what a child is and how they

should be treated. This question is asking you to consider the impact of

universalising the concept of childhood on childhoods around the globe.

Firstly briefly introduce the creation of a universal concept of

childhood through the UNCRC. I then suggest that in the main body of the

text you look to pull out the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ impacts. There is a

lot of literature on the impact of the UNCRC from people who think it is the

best thing ever and also from those who are highly critical about the

difference it makes.

I suggest that you conclude by highlighting your main points and

also maybe suggesting whether overall you think the implications are

‘positive’ or ‘negative’ and if you would like to see changes in the future.


• Ensure you have a good understanding of the question, and structure the essay in a way which clearly shows how you are answering

the question or responding to the statements made. Make good use of subheadings to structure your essay. Please include an

introduction and a conclusion.

• You are required to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant academic texts on the history, anthropology and sociology

of childhood and youth in a global context.