Complete scholarly analysis and evaluation of a topic related to sensation and perception. Topics can range from things covered in class (e.g., trichromatic color vision, sound localization, etc.) to an extension of these different topics (e.g., the McGurk effect an example of multimodal perception, Gestalt principles in web design, etc.). As such, you are not restricted to topics that appear in the course readings, but your project must be based on serious scholarship. Although it is permissible to choose the same topic as another class member, all work must be your own; this is not a collaborative project. Your project should be a general research project, where you provide an overview of your topic and explain its relation to the field of sensation and perception using research articles to illustrate relevant points. This type of project should include a definition of what the topic is, including what sense (e.g., vision, hearing, etc.) it deals with and why it is important to our perception of the world. It is expected that your project will be well researched, detailed, accurate, and provide current information to adequately describe your topic. Given that this is a sensation and perception class, you should try to include an example or a way in which your audience could experience your topic within your project.
For example, if your topic is the McGurk effect, you should consider explaining not only how this effect occurs, but also that it is involved in our daily lives, including dubbing in movies and television shows. Included in this project on the McGurk effect would be its relation to both vision and hearing and an explanation of how this effect is an example of multimodal perception. Finally, examples that illustrate the McGurk effect could be included to enhance the creativity of your project.
Paper must include at least three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles. Newspaper, magazine articles, or webpages should not be used as your major references, but they can be useful if they lead you to appropriate peer-reviewed research article(s). Avoid simply repeating the articles in summary form, but rather, use them within your project to illustrate important points and support the examples you are conveying to your audience.