Gentrification & Equity, Energy and the Built Environment: Current Practices and Future Transitions

Paper details:

I am looking for a skilled writer preferably from a larger city like New York to discuss the effects Gentrification has on local neighborhoods and populations. For example, New York has a housing crisis whereby the demand vastly outweighs the supply of affordable housing. Prior mayors have prioritized the expansion and preservation of affordable housing by providing low cost financing to owners of multi-family buildings for energy efficiency and rehabilitation projects.


To me it seems that these programs are focusing on building owners and it sometimes loses focus of the low income tenants soon to be displaced because of gentrification.


Low income households don’t welcome Starbucks or Chipotles for example because in their eyes, its just the beginning of skyrocketing rent increases.


You’ll be working on a proposal that can suggest ways to remediate a situation or conflict you identify in your environs such as gentrification. Using the concept of scale as applied to the group work, draw a careful boundary around the portion of the system you feel compelled and equipped to address. There is no correlation between scales and the amount of effort needed to complete this assignment – I expect thoughtful, well-researched responses in all cases.


The submission will take the form of a paper approximately 2,500-3,500 words in length (excluding footnotes and bibliography), including diagrams and images that help to facilitate your observations, analysis and research. The paper should be footnoted (in your preferred format) and include a bibliography.