For this assignment, you will select a human genetic disorder and begin to investigate its characteristics. Specifically, you will


1. Choose a genetic disorder from the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel Core Conditions (PDF)  Download Recommended Uniform Screening Panel Core Conditions (PDF). Once selected, this disorder will be used for all of your projects in this course.


2. Research your disorder using the Genetics Home Reference (Links to an external site.) (link) and other sources that you identify.


3. Be sure to identify the following:


History of the disorder

Prevalence in the human population

Physical effects  (i.e. symptoms)

Responsible gene and it’s chromosomal location (i.e. what human chromosome it is found on)

Mode of inheritance (autosomal, sex-linked, dominant, recessive, etc.)

4. Use the Project 1 Template (Word doc) to format your assignment. You must delete the random text that is in the document’s table and replace it with your own. There is no specified length for each section, but the amount of random text should provide a general idea. Be sure to include a minimum of one reference (in text citation and listed at the end) to indicate where you obtained your information.