Gender in the sport of Track and Field. I find this topic interesting because I do track and field and I’m very curious to learn about the medical policies put in place to determine what would qualify someone to run as a certain gender.

Why this topic? And what do we already know? (5-7 pages: In particular, students will 1) describe the topic theyve selected in general and provide an overview of what we already know about it (e.g., has it ever been studied before? What have researchers said about it? When did it start becoming a problem/something of interest? To whom?
2) describe the group that has been most impacted by the topic (e.g., adolescents, adults, college students, older adults, ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities; 5 points);
3) provide measures of the scope of the problem (e.g., facts and figures from sources that measure how many people are affected, how much money is spent as a result of the problem either in prevention or treatment, how many lives are lost, etc.; 15 points);
4) provide the rationale/importance that provides justification for why this topic should be a priority among scholars of gender. In other words, why should your reader care about the topic you have
selected (5 points)?
Reference list (no page limit; 5 points): Students will draft their initial APA-formatted reference list to include all sources used to date in the preparation of their papers. There should be no fewer than 10 references for this first portion, and no references should have
been written before 2017 unless it is a groundbreaking, watershed, or pivotal article.
Magazine or news articles dont count; articles must come from peer-reviewed journals.