Gandhi’s Seven Lessons for Life and Leadership (Dhiman, 2015 )   2022 Latest Answers  

1. Effective Leaders know that leading with authenticity fi rst requires delving  

into the core of one’s being and engaging in a process of deep self-exploration characterized by self-refl ection, self-understanding, self-authorship,  

and self-mastery.  

2. Means are ends in making. Nothing right can fi nally come from wrong  

means. Gandhi always placed right means above desired ends. For when  

you do the right thing, right things happen to you.  

4. Effective leaders approach life and leadership as peaceful warriors—bereft  

of attachment and personal likes and dislikes. They do not do what they  

like to do. They do what needs to be done.  

5. Leader’s true inspiration comes from doing selfl ess work. Selfl ess work  

brings equanimity of mind which is the key to making balanced  


6. The oppressor needs at least as much love and compassion as the oppressed.  

This is the alchemy of social change and harmony.  

7. Effective leaders know that their strength resides in the richness of their  

being, not in the multitude of their possessions. Their goal is to be , not to  

have .