The assignment focuses on Fundamentals of Nursing. Also, there is a description of  Older Adult interview. So, reflect on the interview and its effect on your future nursing practice.

Fundamentals of Nursing – Older Adult interview

N317: Fundamentals of Nursing in the Context of the Older Adult Assignment: Interview Paper Guidelines Purpose of Assignment: The Interview Paper provides the learner with opportunities to: Firstly, interview an older adult to examine their life and daily activities. • Apply theories of communication and interpersonal relationships. • Reflect on the interview and its effect on your future nursing practice. • Use the nursing process to identify nursing diagnosis and interventions. Outcomes: The learner will: • Write a formal paper addressing the elements/topics listed above. • Evidence skills in communication and writing in a critical, reflective manner. • Submit a paper that conforms to the specified guidelines and requirements. Guidelines:

Fundamentals of Nursing – Older Adult interview

To prepare for the Interview paper assignment, the learner will: • Identify an older adult (70 years of age or older) and conduct a face – to – face interview. • Grant permission from the older adult to record (audio recommended) interview information. • Maintain HIPPA requirements and only use interviewee initials (Do not record identifiers manually or via audio). • Destroy all notes and audio recordings upon completion of the assignment. • Understand that the “N317 Interview Paper Rubric” will be used to evaluate/grade the paper. • Utilize correct APA format/style and correct grammar/syntax/spelling in writing paper. • Ensure the paper is at least 6 pages and no more than 8 pages in length (doublespaced); this count excludes cover and reference pages.

Detailed Instructions


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