The paper focuses on Fraud Examination & Fraud Triangle- forensic accountant assignment. So, You will explain the topic by including an introduction, discussion on the fraud triangle.

Fraud Examination &Fraud Triangle- forensic accountant assignment

Fraud Examination & Fraud Triangle. Topic: a combination of your explanation of fraud examination and the fraud triangle. You will explain this by including an introduction, discussion on the fraud triangle, but not just a text book definition, rather your thoughts about the fraud triangle and how you, as a fraud examiner, you might utilize it. Explain what you believe fraud examination entails and does the fraud triangle work in conjunction with it. Discuss what the requirements are in your state (Florida) to become a forensic accountant. Include a conclusion. Important:

Fraud Examination and  forensic accountant assignment

In the organizational hierarchy, managers are the frequent fraud perpetrators, who are committing 37.1 % of fraud to satisfy their internal needs and desires (Albrecht et al., 2015). Moreover, in the present business environment, it has been analyzed that the rate of competition has increased to a phenomenal extent; therefore, the companies need to pay attention to retain their employees. It has been  also evaluated that the main reason behind fraud is  the high dissatisfaction of the employees in their current job. They are not provided any monetary and non-monetary motivation, which push individuals to attempt fraudulent acts.
For this reason, constant auditing required to examine financial data and to identify the reasons for the occurrence of fraud. Moreover, the individual has to undergo intense pressure in the present competitive scenario that ultimately leads to fraud. Must use five (5) scholarly, peer-reviewed books, articles, or journals, no more than 5 years old.

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