Foundations of Evidence Informed Practice

This module aims to introduce the student to evidence informed practice and research in nursing. The student will develop understanding of their usefulness and importance in contributing to underpinning nursing knowledge and clinical decisions.  Students will gain a fundamental understanding of various methodological approaches and the research process. The skills of appraising evidence and research will be explored and developed.


Learning Outcomes 


The intended learning outcomes are that on completion of this module you should be able to:


1.        Develop an understanding of a range of research approaches, designs and forms of evidence that can underpin nursing knowledge and decision making.

2.        Demonstrate understanding of the stages of the research process. 

3.        Develop and apply skills of critical appraisal to assess quality of evidence.


Indicative content


The module introduces you to:


•          Qualitative and quantitative approaches, and mixed methods research

•          Different forms of methodological approaches and data collection 

•          Discussion of the hierarchy of evidence

•          Skills of critical appraisal, utilising appraisal tools