A square foundation (B×B) has to be constructed in layers of sand and clay (for bearing capacity calculations assume c’=0).

  • Water table is at 15 ft below ground surface.
  • Unit weight above and below water table=124 pcf
  • Phi’= 32 degrees
  • Foundation Embedment depth (Df)=4 ft
  • Soil Average Elastic Modulus (Es)=250 ksf
  • Allowable settlement=1.0 in
  • (non factored) Vertical Load, Q = 133 kips
  • Two-way shear Load, V = 29 kips
  • Two way bending moment, M = 200 kips – ft
  • FS=3.0

-Bearing capacity curves for general shear failure and settlement (show curves graph)
-Determine footing size under the given loads
-Check against sliding

-Structural design of the footing (includes thickness of the footing and steel rebars and their spacing)