The assignment focuses on Formulating Research Aims and Objectives from research questions. Also, formulate the objectives of the study paper.

Formulating Research Aims and Objectives from research questions

Research questions should reflect the sources from which your interest derived. e.g an area or topic in which you have an interest. For example, appraisal systems and ideas or issues which you wish to explore in detail such as women’s experience of appraisal problems such as:- the ‘glass ceiling’ effect in promotion/advancement. Questions arising from experience, reading the literature. Do women feel that the glass ceiling effect embedded in appraisal systems?

Formulating Research Aims and Objectives from research questions 

You should clearly state the nature of the problem and its known or estimated extent. If possible you should locate your questions within the context within which it is to studied. e.g. do women at a particular company/institution feel that the glass ceiling effect embedded in the internal appraisal systems of their company/institutionHaving selected your research topic and questions, the next stage is to begin designing and planning your research project, the focus of which is usually expressed in terms of aims and objectives. Aims .Broad statements of desired outcomes, or the general intentions of the research. Firstly, paint the picture’ of your research proposal and emphasize what is to accomplished, not how it is to accomplished. Secondly, address the long-term project outcomes, i.e. they should reflect the aspirations and expectations of the research topic.  do not need to numbered

 Formulating Research Aims and Objectives from research questions

Once aims have established, the next task is to formulate the objectives. Generally, a project should have no more than two or three aims statements, while it may include a number of objectives consistent with themObjectives; Firstly are the steps you are going to take to answer your research questions or a specific list of tasks needed to accomplish the goals of the project. Firstly, emphasize how aims are to accomplished. Secondly must be highly focused and feasible. Also, address the more immediate project outcomes.

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