This assignment focuses on Landscape and Longing. On the other hand, it concentrates on formal elements of the paintings. This paper will, in your imagination, take you out of doors and to a different time.

Landscape and Longing: Formal Analysis, Comparison, and Reflection

In normal circumstances, I would ask you to visit a museum, select a work of art and write a formal analysis  (a visual description) of the work.  The assignment hones your skills at close looking, develops your descriptive vocabulary.  And allows you to engage with an historical work of art.  While we cannot visit museums during our collective social isolation. Perhaps confinement heightens our appreciation of landscape.  This paper will, in your imagination, take you out of doors and to a different time.

You will find attachments for images of two works of art:


Rembrant van Rijn, Landscape with Castle, oil on panel, c.1640


Nicolas Poussin, St. John on Patmos, oil on canvas, 1645-50

Begin by sketching (you will submit two sketches with your paper) and taking notes.  Only after you have ruminated on the works, should you begin writing the essay.

In a 3-4 page paper (double-space, 1” margins, 12 point font), write eloquently about the formal elements of the paintings (composition, style, color, line, et al).  Observing the paintings in comparison will help you articulate the formal dynamics.

Landscape and Longing-formal elements of the paintings

This is not a research paper.

So, In the folder for this paper topic, I have including the chapter “Looking at Art. ”  So, This source includes a formal analysis checklist that will be helpful to you.  You should also consult your textbook for vocabulary.

You must not utilize other sources.  Besides, You will receive grade deductions for bringing in other research and any plagiarism will result in zero points.  Express yourself in your own words!

You must utilize CCA’s tutoring services and receive a tutor’s signature for your paper.  More so,  will not accept papers that do not have a tutor’s signature.

Detailed Instructions

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