We learn in Chapter 8 that the communication process can be extremely complicated. Advertisers take a significant amount of effort to provide a clear message. Thought goes into every aspect, element, and detail of an advertisement.
With this being said, this assignment involves a detailed analysis of a video advertisement. For this first part, you are to submit a product advertisement videos/commercial that has been used by an actual company. No parodies. The advertisement is to have first run within the past three years (2019-2022) and be between 30 seconds and two minutes in length. It must be available on Youtube.
We will review these advertisements in class and then select several to form the basis of this project. From these videos, you will then choose one to use for the next part of the project.
To successfully complete this assignment you will need to submit the following by the deadline.
The name of the video
The year it first ran
The length of the advertisement
The YouTube link to the advertisement
An explanation as to why you chose this advertisement
We will watch the commercials submitted in class and you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite. The commercials used in the analysis assignment will be chosen from the votes.