This assignment focuses on health and Fitness Management Consultant Report. Also, touches on Ferndale Leisure Centre based on the outskirts of a large town on the south coast of England.

Fitness Management Consultant Report- Ferndale Leisure Centre

Health and Fitness Management Consultant Report. Overview of assignment Ferndale Leisure Centre is a multi-facility leisure centre based on the outskirts of a large town on the south coast of England. It is in close proximity to a number of large employers, and a middle-class residential estate. Whilst it has always had an important role in delivering health and fitness provision to the local community it has recently encountered a number of financial problems due to the fact that it has failed to maintain competitive advantage in a dynamic local health and fitness market. An independent audit of the leisure centre suggested the following reasons for the financial issues: 1) Member’s levels of exercise adherence were low- on average members are using facilities 0.8 times per week. 2) Subsequently there is a high turn over (low retention) of members and increasing marketing costs to attract new members.

Fitness Management Consultant Report- Ferndale Leisure Centre

3) Feedback suggests that members with children are experiencing a number of leisure constraints preventing them from attending the centre and engaging with services. 4) Feedback suggests that overall customer satisfaction levels are low. 5) Feedback also suggests inconsistencies in the assessment process for members, which is perceived by members to be ‘unprofessional’. 6) Staff attrition is high based on the lack of a formal staffing structure, and poor communication between departments. Besides, you have  recruited as a experienced health and fitness management consultant to develop a strategy for the managers of Ferndale Leisure to help them resolve the identified issues and have greater financial success moving forward. In order to achieve this you are required to produce a report which includes the following: A Professional Cover Sheet An Executive Summary.

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