This assignment focuses on Square Inc.: Financing a Unicorn. There is also a description of capital private equity funds structure. So, do you agree with Marc Andressen’s thoughts regarding unicorn valuation levels?

Square Inc.: Financing a Unicorn- capital private equity funds structure

Square Inc.: Financing a Unicorn 1. How are venture capital private equity funds structured? How are private equity firms compensated? Why may Khosla Ventures be motivated to push for Square to seek an exit? 2. What characteristics do the firms in case Exhibit 2 have in common? Do you agree with Marc And ressen’s thoughts regarding unicorn valuation levels? Why or why not? 3. Also, what would the capitalization table look like after the series E issuance? What is the post-money valuation? 4. Besides, what returns would each class of investors realize if Square exited through an IPO.  Rather than through a sale at valuations of $3 billion, $6 billion, or $9 billion?

Square Inc.: Financing a Unicorn- capital private equity funds structure

Additionally, how would the returns change if the series E securities did not have the IPO ratchet? 5. Also, Do you recommend investing in the series E preferred round? In a few decades starting in the 1990s through the early 2000s, Reliance Industries had emerged as a powerhouse in the oil and gas business. It cemented its global reputation by adopting innovative approaches to articulating an integrated business model.  That would span the entire value chain from exploration to petrochemicals. So, much of its success revolved around its execution prowess and its ability to deliver projects well under budget and ahead of schedule. Also, a field of expertise that had traditionally  dominated by the more established supermajors in the industry such as ExxonMobil.

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