The assignment focuses on  Financial performance of Daimler and Tesla. There has also a  comparison and contrast analysis of the financial position of the two listed companies

Financial performance of Daimler and Tesla- Financial Position Analysis

1. Critically compare and contrast the financial performance and financial position of the two listed companies
(Daimler and Tesla) over the last FOUR years, (2015 – 2018). This should done by using the respective tools including ratio analysis, together with vertical and horizontal analysis. The purpose of this task is to identify their financial strengths and weaknesses together with a conclusion highlighting the strongest company based on financial grounds. 2. Critically analyze the cash position of both companies over the same period of time, and write a brief report commenting on your findings. Daimler and Tesla are today classified as two of the major players in the automotive industry. Your assignment is to carry out a detailed comparison between these two companies as specified below. The following are the links to the mentioned company’s annual reports.

Financial performance of Daimler and Tesla- Financial Position Analysis

These reports include all the required information to complete the tasks. Firstly, aimler ( . Secondly, Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles. Shareholders at Daimler on Wednesday expressed concern at the threat posed by Silicon Valley companies including Tesla, with one complaining the German group had no alternative to the electric carmaker’s models. Investors’ concerns given extra credence by last week’s unveiling of the Model 3, Tesla’s mass-market “affordable” car scheduled for delivery late next year. Demand has surged, with almost 300,000 customers paying $1,000 to register to purchase the zero-emissions car. At Daimler’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Berlin, Ingo Speich, portfolio manager at Union Investment, said capital markets worried that the “fat years” for premium German carmakers could soon be over.

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