– Propose a Fintech business using one of the topics included in the Fintech lecture or using a new Fintech technology .

– Lecture Fintech technology : Payment, Lending, CrowdFunding, PFMS, Internet-only bank

– New fintech technology can be used outside of lectures

2. Scoring Criteria

– Novelty of Business Model

– Validity of environmental analysis (provided justification for judgment, etc.)

– Feasibility of the proposed project

3. Submission form

– A business proposal of 20 pages or more (excluding the cover) including the essential items below (submit in PDF format)

Mandatory inclusions

I. Summary of proposal

1) Purpose and purpose

2) Summary of business model

II. Environmental analysis (business feasibility)

1) Market size and trend

2) Domestic and overseas case analysis

3) Market structure

4) Business prospects

III. Business introduction and strategy

1) Service (Introduction of Business Service – Business Area)

2) Business Strategy (business strategy/differentiation, marketing strategy, etc.)

IV. Voluntarily select and add detailed operational plans/financial plans/funding proposals, etc.

V. Reference