Q1: Explain the importance of Glass-Steagall Act in the U.S. Banking Industry. Provide the summary of two past events where Glass-Steagall Act was used.

Q2A: What are the main steps to be followed by the organizer of a new bank especially in the U.S. Financial Market?

Q2B: What Factors are often taken into consideration while evaluating the sites for the new branch office of the bank.

Q3: Albilad Bank decides to install 2 ATMs near to its one of the full services branches in Dammam. Each ATM costs 35000 SAR to the bank. ATM Installation cost is 16000 SAR for each machine. Each ATM has a projected life of 10 years. Both ATMs are expected to handle 50,000 cash transaction collectively and, on an average, bank can save 0.40 SAR on each transection in teller expenses. If Albilad bank has a 12% cost of capital, should the bank go ahead with this Investment in 2 ATMs.