The final project is a Contractual Negotiations Summary and Reflection. The project provides the opportunity to construct a review of the mock negotiation process within labor relations, and is based on the knowledge gained during the course along with the application of negotiation skills that demonstrate understanding of specific aviation labor relations concepts.

For your final course project, you are to submit an individual paper and slide presentation. Your paper will be comprised of the weekly assignments and your discussion postings during the course within the mock negotiation activities. While the final course project consists of a paper and a slide presentation, the majority of the work should be complete prior to the start of Module 9.

An analysis of a minimum of three (3) objectives of the negotiation process and a “duty to bargain” within the aviation industry. (3-4 pages)
Your analysis should also outline three (3) strategies that your team used to resolve the causes of disputes during the mock negotiation process over the past few weeks. (3-4 pages)

A discussion with a minimum of two (2) methods of impasse resolution that your team used during the mock negotiation process. (1-2 pages)
Include a summary of information and a page of overall reflection on the negotiation activities that recaps the key points for the reader. (1-2 pages)

You were encouraged to take notes on the discussions throughout the course to better prepare for your final project. Your weekly assignments and discussions should not be a direct copy/paste into your final project but written as a summary reflection. Use the content from your weekly assignments along with the instructor feedback to refine and polish your topics.

Paper is to be 8-10 pages in length not including the title page and reference pages.
Written in APA format
Include a minimum of one peer-reviewed article from the Hunt Library to support your viewpoints.
Create a 8-10 slide presentation on your paper, not including the title slide and a references slide.