Address the following areas within the standard 250-350 word count range. Always place the total word count
number at the beginning of your post (not including citations).
1. Research and recap a bit about the financial and business considerations that went in to making the
assigned movie (not its box office and more information than just its budget). This will require some outside
research about your film from valid, vetted sources. Use at least two respected industry sites, such as Variety,
Deadline Hollywood, Vanity Fair or Entertainment Weekly to find out more about the film you chose. Avoid
Wikipedia and and aggregate, click-bait sites.

2. Speculate about how those considerations altered the final film product. You may consider casting,
production, distribution, or any other component of the project. For example, if you were to discover that
budgetary restrictions required that a film crew use studio shooting (using built sets on film lots) instead of onlocation shooting (shooting in the “real” world), you could argue how the film’s look or impact might have been
changed by on-location shooting. In short, consider how at least one aspect of the business of film altered the
end-product of film.