Explain these additional requirements in depth and why they have been imposed. In your answer, substantiate your argument with examples of financial planners not discharging their obligations adequately”. 5000 words what to include in this paper – Give examples of case studies relating to how financial planner there clients wrong Use media reports and journals Bank study cases – what happened with these cases what is put in place to stop it include this briefly main topic is on Finical planning cases mainly Royal commission – ties in on financial planners and banks ( use cases from here as well. Referencing – Harvard

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 The Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) released higher educational standards with the aim of satisfying the education requirements (FASEA, 2018). The approvals include the historical graduate diploma in business, historical graduate diploma of financial planning, and historical 8 unit graduate diploma of applied finance and investments respectively. This strategic move gives the advisers a clear corridor for meeting the educational standards by the year 2024. The incorporated changes allow the financial advisors to use additional skills hence achieving professional development. However, one of the gaps that arise includes the provision of guidance to various learning institutions when recognizing the subjects undertaken in other degrees and their relevance….

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