Ezra, age 26, is single. However, he is dating and preparing to get engaged. He will need roughly $5,000 for an engagement ring almost immediately, and expects he will need $10,000–$15,000 for the wedding in the next 12–24 months. He is currently employed and earns about $70,000 a year in salary. This salary is enough to cover all his taxes and normal living expenses of approximately $4,800. This leaves him with about $1,000 in savings each month ($350 to 401K, $650 to savings). He has been able to save roughly $15,000 to date in a 401K plan from work and about $20,000 in cash savings. His 401K plan has been invested 100% in the stock market, including some sector-specific funds. His other savings have been in interest-bearing savings and cash substitutes such as money market funds. He recently received a windfall of $60,000, and this prompted him to come to you for some advice. The following are few of Ezra’s comments to help guide your thoughts:


  1. “I understand I am young, so I need to take on as much risk as I can.”
  2. “I am willing to lose 30–40% on my invested capital if the return is commensurate.”
  3. “I do like to have a decent sized cushion in the bank in case something happens at my job.”
  4. “I don’t foresee my risk tolerance changing after I get married.”
  5.  “Do you have any good stock tips?”