Detailed Instructions


This assignment is designed to build on everything you have studied in the course to date. You will choose a country of interest and complete this assignment. Using the SU Online Library or the Internet, research a health issue in the world. On the basis of your research and data gathered, create a 8- to 10-page report that addresses the following: Basic information about the country in which the problem is occurring The main problem in the affected area of the globe

More about this task:

The essay on the exploration of global health issues expects the identification of the issues facing the global community on a significant scale. That means that the health issue identified is significant based on the number of victims of the health issue. The paper should focus on the identification of the main problem and the affected area of the globe. Further, it is essential to consider the population dynamics affected by the health issue. In addition, it is essential to consider the strategies that are used to deal with health issues. Such strategies should include both the successful and those that require further consideration and analysis.

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