Step 1: Exploratory Writing and Collecting

In this step, you will gather data, generate ideas, and determine your own opinions. Reread the work by your author in your textbook. When you come across clues to the authors personality, note them. Try some free writing on the subject. Start writing (or typing) your impressions of the author. What type of person is this individual? Why do you feel this way? See if you can write about these ideas for five minutes without stopping.
After going over your notes and free writing, complete this chart. In the first column, list adjectives that you believe describe the author. In the second column, list specific details from the work that indicate the adjectives are accurate. NOTE: while this chart will help you organize your ideas, you do NOT have to use the copy provided in this document. You may draw one by hand on a separate sheet of paper if you like. (You will NOT submit the chart with your project.)