How spiritual leadership differs from its close cousins— authentic leadership and servant leadership ?  

4. Explain why it is essential to be a good human being to become a great  

leader? 2022 Latest Answers  

 Spirituality takes it axiomatic that there is a higher principle, force, being  

or intelligence that sustains the universe. It believes that ours is basically a  

just and fair universe and we are put here to do good. There is a purpose  

for everyone and everything. It postulates that entire world is one family  

with a common identity and heritage and everything is connected with  

everything else.  

5. Authentic leadership and servant leadership are primary expressions of  

spiritual leadership. Authentic leaders are altruistic, honest, and trustworthy. Servant leadership represents a shift from followers serving leaders to  

leaders serving followers. It denotes increased service to others, a holistic  

approach to work, and a greater sense of community.  

6. Since leadership is an expression of who we are, in discovering, living, and  

sharing our deepest values lies the true fulfi llment of our life and  


7. To lead others one must fi rst lead one’s self. To lead one’s self, one must  

fi rst know oneself. To know oneself, one must fi rst ‘be’ oneself. To be truly  

oneself is the fi rst and last step in becoming an authentic leader. This is  

called self “dis-covery”—a journey within, from here to here .