Nick is a 28yr old man who lives at home with his parents. Nick enjoys physical activity and is an avid supporter of many professional sporting teams including NRL, AFL and Basketball. Seven years ago Nick sustained a spinal cord injury seven years ago which resulted in his decision to return to his parents’ home. Prior to the accident, Nick was a promising footballer with an offer to play in the NRL, was enrolled at university studying physiotherapy and shared a house with two friends. Nick’s parents have extensively renovated their home and Nick has undergone rehabilitation since the accident.  


Lately, Nick has become angry and aggressive when people come near him. Nick is witnessing his mates get married, complete their university degrees and a couple have become parents. Nick has lost his motivation; he states all the activities he participates in like bowling and gaming are meaningless. Nick says he has no value in society and often appears stressed. Nick’s mother is concerned about him as when he is not angry he is withdrawn and non-communicative. Nick is resisting assistance with his personal hygiene, is barely eating, has stopped taking his anti-depressants and is isolating himself from his friends by refusing to see them or to go out.


A support worker comes in each morning to assist Nick with showering, dressing, some exercises and to lift him into his chair. At night the same worker helps him prepare for bed and Nick is lifted into bed. During the day his mother is his principal carer and takes him on outings in a modified vehicle.


The worker is concerned for Nick and has suggested to him that he asks his supervisor to meet with him and review his individual behaviour support plan.


a)Explain how you would use Nick’s individualised behaviour support plan and the organisation’s policies and procedures to support minimising Nick’s behaviours of concern 2022 LATEST ANSWERS


b)Provide two (2) examples of using a person-centred approach when supporting Nick to maintain and engage him in activities of daily living (consider his individual needs, strengths, capabilities and preferences).


c)When engaging with and motivating Nick, problems might arise that require assistance. Provide an example of the type of problem that might occur that could be attributed to the impact of social devaluation and the social model of disability, and include the most appropriate person to seek the assistance of.