Must be 250-600 words and must have a title as well! I would like it to be creative and an eye-catching college/ admission essay. Thank you.


The essay question Prompt:

” Describe a specific interest or hobby and how you wish to pursue it in the future “


About me – My main interest is film but specifically Cinematography. I have a strong interest in cinema and the arts. I have a passion for cinematography becuase I like to make the audience feel a certain emotion based on the color, lighting, and framing of every single shot in a film. Storytelling through visuals can take an audience someplace they could have never even imagined. I acknowledge that there is something genuinely special about turning ideas and words in a story through visuals. Instead of telling stories, I enjoy showing them, and that to me is what cinematography is! I would love to work with other people that have the same interest as me and create films. Cinema is important because it’s the only art form that allows you to truly experience life through/in another person’s eyes/head.


Explain and elaborate more on describing my interest (Cinematography) and how I wish to pursue Cinematography in the future in the essay.