Detailed Instructions


       The most common question for this research project is, “How many references should I have?” There is no rule. However, you ought to think about the sections of your paper. That should guide your thinking on the amount of research needed.

Section 1 – Of course you have the Mooz text and is an excellent expert reference. Mooz is not the only expert with an opinion on what constitutes “good decision making.” Therefore, you would probably consult one or two others so that you can formulate your definition and defend it with the research you conducted.

Section 2 – Here is where you discuss the life-changing decision you made and how you went about making it. Also, you will tell the outcome and evaluate what might have made your decision better, based on your definition in Section 1. Since this is your story, very little new research, if any, would be expected. However, your evaluation of what might have been better or why your decision was so good, would be supported again by the experts you cited in section 1.

Section 3 – This is an area that would have a significant level of research. You should easily find 4 –67 good expert articles that would help someone to reach a good decision if they faced the same decision you made. Remember: This is the area that needs to add value to the reader so that they believe that they have all of the good information they need to make a wise decision if they were faced with the same life-altering event you faced.

More about this assignment:

The approach in this discussion is expected to include a scenario that inspires a life-changing decision. The scenario needs to be illustrated to help in linking the scenario and the inspiration that have the capacity to influence positive change. Another consideration includes the discussion of the reasons that are identified as to why the decision is considered good and positive to influence life decisions. Another aspect to consider is linking the findings and discussions in section one and two with research findings. The third section will help in using research and personal experiences in making a wise decision. Therefore, the connection or link should be identified clearly and illustrate how life decision was coined…

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