Experimental Procedure of a beam bending rig

Paper details:

A 5 page PDF experimental procedure of a beam bending rig experiment using arduino. Given two sets of data, displacement and load, from two different beams, calculating youngs modulus for each beam. Compare the performance of both rigs:

How much did the calculated values of Young’s Modulus differ from each other?

Why were the beam results different when most components are the same?

Give recommendations for changes in the rigs or the experimental design to make the beams behave more consistently


Experimental procedure on how to measure and collect data

Explanation of data with respect to beam analysis

Equations and graphs/plots to support your engineering and design analysis (Hint: apply functional decomposition and modelling)

Justify by applying physics equations and then compare with the data generated from the rig

If the results are different than expected, try to give your best idea to why that may be.