Experience Adults bring a lifetime of experience to the learning experience. Children believe that they have experience. Children believe that they have experience! Adults are themselves “years of experience”. The adult often defines who and what they are by the terms of their own experience. Implications for adult learning:


Use less transmittal techniques and more experiential.


Discovery of how to learn from experience is the key to self-actualization!


To reject adult experience is to reject the adult!


Assignment: Practice Exercises 07. Educational Assessment FactorsRestricted Not available unless: The activity Assignment: Practice Exercises – 06. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is marked complete07. Identify at least 2 educational assessment factors from the following situation and state at least 2 adaptations of teaching methods which might be important in enhancing the learning experience. Situation: Joe, a 60-year old mechanic, wants to learn something about the computer. He has worked as a mechanic for large trucks most of his life and recently was transferred to the parts sales store belonging to the trucking company. Joe enrolls in a local college. Name at least 3 assessment factors to consider when teaching Joe aspects of basic computer operations.