Orion and UPS: Plotting a Strategy for Efficiency and Savings on page 186


Address the three case questions and submit by the deadline.


You are required to include a minimum of three sources into your responses for the four case study questions. Specifically, one of the sources should be the textbook and the other two sources must be from outside of the textbook, i.e., article, blogs, etc. For example, you do not need three sources for each and every one of the four questions. You need to have an overall total of three sources.


In essence, you are including a minimum of three human resource management concepts from the textbook. Therefore, the textbook is source number one.  Also, you are including concepts from two outside sources. Therefore, the two outside sources bring the total sources to three (textbook is one source and the two outside sources brings it to a total of three sources.)


Your assignment should include 1,200 to 1,300 words, not including the cover and reference pages.  


Review the document below on how to apply concepts in your internet assignment:


Guidelines for Application of Concepts in Assignments.docx Download Guidelines for Application of Concepts in Assignments.docx


Each question requires a response that is a minimum of one (1) paragraph which is 4-6 sentences.


APA Writing Style:


Students are required to follow the APA Writing Style for all written assignments.  At a minimum, include the following:


Separate Cover Page

Running Header

Separate Reference Page – the sources should be in alphabetical order by the last names of the authors.

Double spacing

Times New Roman, 12 Font Size

Respond to questions by including the questions and responding to the questions in essay format.

First sentence of each paragraph is indented by five spaces

Include headings and subheadings