Examples of Modern Prophets

Who is/are a modern prophet(s)? Why do you think so? How does he/she/they offer a message of Hope, a call to repentance or an exhortation to Love? (The modern prophet should be a public figure of some kind. Your Aunt Jeanine might be an inspired soul or a gifted prophet but we do not know her.)

Include a video, image, article or some other material that highlights why you feel this person is a prophet. Do not repeat a prophet already mentioned; make sure you check the posts carefully.

Finally – While you are welcome to submit any person you feel fits the above criteria, I am looking for some originality and depth of understanding. If you select someone who is a more obvious choice (Pope Francis or Nelson Mandela, for example), try and focus on some lesser know aspect of their achievements. It is best if you select someone whose positive impact in your judgement is likely to endure and to contribute to powerful and meaningful change in the world.