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         In their 2018 paper Douglas and Mills observe that “records can feel personal even though they might not be categorized as personal records: Personal can be a reaction experienced by the activator, rather than an inherent quality of a record” (p.258). Drawing on at least two examples (either from the literature or your own experience), critically explore Douglas and Mills’ observation. Your essay should be based on your own critical engagement with the module content and further reading.

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The paper seeks to determine and define the types of records particularly the personal records. Moreover, the discussion seeks to acknowledge the capacity to acknowledge and categorize personal records. This requires drawing examples from either the experience or literature in exploring the observation of Douglas and Mill in the case study presented. The paper requires the application of critical engagement with the module content. Therefore, it is imperative for the argument to include the capacity to comprehend the case study and apply personal and critical engagement hence demonstrating the capacity to understand the topic. For instance, the discussion should illustrate the comprehension of the definition of the term personal in this context…

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