The evolving role of HR-contemporary business world

You have asked by your CIPD Branch to lead a discussion at one of its events on ‘The evolving role of HR in the contemporary business world’. In preparation for the event you have asked to produce an academic paper for the delegate pack, which includes the following:
A comparison of two different tools* for analysing an organisation’s business environment
An assessment of at least four factors which might impact on an organisation’s business and its HR function.
Also,analysis of two forces currently shaping HR and the HR agenda.
An explanation of the key stages of business strategy formulation. As well as,the implementation and the potential role of HR in each of these.

The evolving role of HR-contemporary business world

An examination of the contribution HR can make to business ethics and accountability.
Also, an explanation, with examples, of how business performance can get evaluate. Also the role of HR in ongoing business planning and change management.
· An assessment of three different sources of business data with examples of how each can get used to inform business planning.
1 Understand the key contemporary business issues and main external factors affecting different organisations and the impact on HR.
Besides, understand how organisational and HR strategies and practices shaped and developed.
Know how to identify and respond to changes in the business environment. This guidance is for assessors only and should not get handed out to candidates.
Thus,to achieve a Pass, candidates should produce work equating to approximately 3900 words. Which reflects the guidance given below. Candidates should relate academic concepts, theories and professional practice to the way organisations operate. In a critical and informed way, and with reference to key texts, articles. And other publications and by using organisational examples for illustration.

Detailed Instructions


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