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‘The evolution of selling and negotiation’ Impacts of both enforced techniques from industry/theorists and also consumer demand for change. The report title allows you the freedom to develop your own train of thought in devising an individual, creative journey Consider changes to sales and negotiation techniques from 1920 to 2000. You should NOT ATTEMPT to write a timeline of all techniques. Instead, after wider reading consider key impacts of change for example you may wish to give a brief overview of 1920 to 1960, and then focus on the latter part of the century for deeper investigations. In contrast to that, you may wish to research into the initial developments of selling and negotiation, and then only highlight the impacts of this upon later developments Your report should create an argument of some form For example you may wish to consider usefulness of techniques, comparing and contrasting usefulness to others? or argue that enforced techniques actually hindered sales opportunities in the past and that had consumer opinions been considered, then better methods could have been incorporated/adapted sooner?

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Selling and negotiations in business are considered to be influenced by creative art. This assignment requires the illustration of comprehension of the ability to sell and negotiate. Therefore, various techniques are required to be identified to help in presenting the comparison and contrast the usefulness of the strategies. The task needs to link various techniques to specific sales outcomes such as increasing sales opportunities. The goal of the paper identifies the possibility of better methods being embraced to advance skills in selling and negotiating. That goal will be achieved through evaluating the negotiation techniques from 1920 to 2000 respectively. such history will be applied using the current methodologies and hence demonstrate the ability to develop a train of thought about the topic…

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