The assignment concentrates on Evaluating users’ experience of security. There is also a framework on Micro Training Measures that is developed.

Evaluating users’ experience of security – Micro Training Measures

Firstly, develop a framework of guidelines for user training. This must support user aware-ness and security-related decision making. Secondly, evaluate how the framework developed in O1 can assist in making users act more securely. Thirdly, Evaluate if the framework from O1 can applied in higher education . This paper addresses the emergent need for training measures designed to improve user behavior in regards to security. We do this by proposing a frame-work for information security training that has developed for several years and over several projects. The result is the framework Context Based Micro Train-ing (CBMT). Which provides goals and guidelines for how to better implement information security training. That should support the user in the situation where the user needs support. 

Evaluating users’ experience of security – Micro Training Measures

CBMT has developed and tested for use in higher education as well as for support of users during passwords creation. This paper presents version 1.0 of the framework with the latest refinements. Firstly, Introduction, It is well established that insecure user behavior is a major problem in information security [1]. Users are commonly referred to as the weak link in security and while there are many technical security measures that address technical security issues, there is still a need for ways to improve user behavior with regards to security [2]. Threat actors recognize this notion and are often exploiting users, making the need for measures towards secure behavior emergent [3]. Desmand [4] described a need for making users understand the consequences of insecure behavior and learn them to be-have in a secure way.  Opportunistic networks allow content sharing between mobile users without requiring any pre-existing Internet infrastructure.

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