Your goal for this writing assignment is to analyze and evaluate someone’s social media profiles as a whole and to make recommendations about what changes should be made to each site to optimize the impression created through the materials posted there. While previously a cover letter, application form, resume, and references were an employer’s only sources of information about a potential employee before an interview, social media now adds many complex layers of information. Employers now search numerous social media platforms to supplement any application materials to determine whether a candidate may be an appropriate “fit” for their organization. For this assignment, you will analyze several social media accounts to determine what the profiles say about the account holder as a potential job candidate.

 You have three choices for selecting social media profiles to analyze:  You can analyze two or three of your own accounts  You can analyze two or three accounts of a classmate or personal friend who has given you permission to analyze their accounts 

 You can analyze two or three accounts of a LOCAL politician Write 3 – 5 pages (plus cover page) to answer these questions:

 1. What do the account holder’s social media profiles say about that person as a potential job candidate; or if a local politician, about his or her political views? 

2. How should the account holder change their social media profiles to improve his or her selfpresentation as a desirable potential employee; or if a local politician, to improve his or her profile to appeal to MODERATE voters?

 Be sure to include specific examples to support your analysis and explain your reasoning to support your recommendations. FORMAT: 

 Compose in a word processing program  Save and submit as a pdf  Follow standard APA format o Use an 11 or 12 point standard font (Times New Roman, Bookman, Calibri, or Verdana) o Double-space the entire paper o Leave one-inch margins at the top, bottom, and sides of your text o Include a cover page with running head, page number in upper margin, and centered title of paper, your name, and the name of the school o Flush body text left, do not justify o Indent paragraphs one-half inch from the left margin o Include a title in regular font o Optional: headings and subheadings; if used, follow APA heading format NOTE: 

Upon submission of the writing assignment, the assignment will be automatically submitted to Turnitin to check for plagiarism. You will receive a report from Turnitin upon submission. You are permitted two submissions of the assignment, so that you can choose to edit after receiving your Turnitin report. A second submission must be completed BEFORE the original deadline.