The assignment focuses on Ethics Spring 2020 -The 5 Moral Theories-in-a-Movie. You are required to explain what happened as a result of the decision – good, bad, more problems, more conflicts, peace.

Ethics Spring 2020 -The 5 Moral Theories-in-a-Movie

Intro to Ethics Spring 2020 Take-home, Exam I = The 5 Moral . Theories-in-a-Movie Exam I (100 Points) Turned in to Brightspace . Length: Typed, 5 paragraphs; total 4-5 pages max (1½ spacing) . Directions Step 1: Watch any movie of your choice: no R rated or worse. Step 2: Write a 5-paragraph paper (one paragraph per moral theory), 4-5 pages total length, using the following structure in each paragraph. First step, give a 1-2 sentence definition of the moral theory’s definition of right and wrong. Additionally, add its metaphysical theory of the essential nature of a human being or human person. Dictionary definitions are not philosophically refined enough for this course; use your class notes and/or PowerPoint slide material. Then, concisely describe a particular situation, the setting, the people involved and affected, the decision that made, the type of reasoning used, and the action that taken.

Ethics Spring 2020 -The 5 Moral Theories-in-a-Movie

Do not read your reasoning into the characters, do you best to describe the character’s own thinking, let the movie characters do their own reasoning, be an outside observer looking for and describing their method of moral reasoning. Where necessary, explain how your “moral psychoanalysis” might be another of the other four ethical theories or how it might need to qualified; but then explain why your interpretation of the character is more likely correct than the alternative(s). So, defend your interpretation as the best interpretation, all things considered. Then explain what happened as a result of the decision – good, bad, more problems, more conflicts, peace, etc. Use this structure to explain each of the 5 moral theories.

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