This assignment focuses on Ethical Management in Leadership. There is also a description of  Facebook members Data Crisis

Ethical Management in Leadership – Facebook members Data Crisis

This discussion topic is about ethical leadership in the face of a crisis. So,  the example used will be the testimony by Facebook’s CEO regarding the use of its members’ data. I’m particularly interested in the latter crisis because it seems to depend upon a lackadaisical concern for security by users. Or perhaps an implicit trust on their behalf that Facebook would “never do anything inappropriate with their data.” Moreover, the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, seems to have had a very casual approach to any ethical obligation to protecting a user’s private data.

Ethical Management in Leadership – Facebook members Data Crisis

In reality, the company seems to think that they can do anything with the data. Talking Point: So talk about the crisis from either the perspective of the company or from the perspective of the users.  Besides, a crisis has occurred from both perspectives. Post your 250- to 500-word answer to the above. A lot of the concern has arisen from reporting that indicated Cambridge.  Analytica’s analysis was based on profiling people’s personalities, based on work from Cambridge University researcher Aleksandr Kogan. Media scholar Matthew Hindman actually asked Kogan what he had done. As Hindman explained, “Information on users’ personalities or ‘psychographics’  just a modest part of how the model targeted citizens.


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